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Drive Sales & Maximize ROI with an Effective PPC Management Programme

We plan successful PPC management campaigns to target your most potential customers, increase both conversions and revenue so that you can make more sales, and achieve your business goals.

Our Professional PPC Management Packages

Pay Per Click campaigns help you to generate instant targeted traffic to your website. With PPC marketing, you can manage, optimize, and grow your Google, Facebook, and other ad campaigns more effectively to improve your online exposure.

Our PPC Campaign Management Packages are customized to your needs and help you to get immediate results along with the better return of investment. We plan and set up a solid foundation to create PPC advertising campaigns as per your business needs so that you can earn more profit from paid search ads.

Our Customized PPC Packages Include

We offer a wide range of PPC packages that you can choose as per your business requirements.

Analysis & Setup
  1. Conversion Tracking Setup
  2. Creating Ad Text
  3. Keyword Research
  4. PPC Budget Analysis
  5. Google Search & Display Network
  6. Ad Group Creation
Setup/ Resources
  1. Google Analytics Integration
  2. Geo-targeting
  3. Analytics Tracking Setup
  4. Google Analytics Setup
  5. Keyword BID Management
  1. Geo-targeting
  2. Conversion Tracking
  3. Analytics Monitoring
  4. Keyword BID Management
  5. Traffic Statistics Analysis
Analysis & Report
  1. Conversion Tracking
  2. Performance Report
  3. Traffic Statistics Analysis
  4. Search Query Report Analysis
  5. Invalid/ Fraudulent Click Analysis


PPCPackages & Pricing

Minimum Duration
Suggested number of Keywords
Ad Budget


Minimum Duration
3 months
Suggested number of Keywords
Ad Budget
USD 2000
Per Month
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Minimum Duration
3 months
Suggested number of Keywords
Ad Budget
USD 2000
- 4000 Per Month
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Minimum Duration
3 months
Suggested number of Keywords
Ad Budget
USD 5000
& Above Per Month
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Initial Estimate Report
Landing Page Recommendation
Unlimited Keywords
Text Ads
Conversion Tracking
A/B Testing
Google Analytics Set-up
Campaign Management
Mobile Ads
Gmail Ads (GSP)
Landing Page Optimization
ROI Tracking



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Our PPC Management Process

We run Pay Per Click campaigns with the best possible chance of success. We will help you to understand your customers better and assist you to get more traffic to your website.

Keyword Research

Before creating any campaign, we thoroughly research about your business as well as keywords that are aligned with your business goals.

Campaign Set up & Management

We build, launch, and monitor your campaigns to make them up and running so that you can get more visitors to your website within minutes.

Improve Conversions

Our paid search specialists apply the right keywords that are more profitable that can generate better leads to minimize waste and improve conversions.

Progress Reports

We constantly analyze your data and create detailed analyzing reports for each month that help you to track, measure and enhance your website performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that we hear from our clients.

01. What is the cost of a PPC Ad Campaign?

The cost of the PPC ad campaign will depend on various factors such as the bid and quality score of an ad.

02. Why do you need a good quality score for a PPC campaign?

Having a good quality score is essential to run a successful PPC campaign. The quality score helps in measuring the quality and relevancy of PPC ads.

03. Which sites are best for PPC advertising?

There are varieties of sites that offer PPC advertising. But two sites are best known in the PPC advertising market- one is Google AdWords or Google Ads and another is Microsoft Bing Ads.

04. What are the elements required for PPC Ads?

The elements required for PPC ads are -
● Headline
● Description
● Display URL
● Destination URL

05. How Can I target my audience through my PPC Ads?

If you want to get complete control over your target audience, then you need to use some targeting options for your PPC ads such as the geographical location of the users, keywords, topics, remarketing, and others.