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Uplift Your Online Visibility with Social Media Marketing

We have 6+ years of experience and a handful of knowledge on social media marketing. Managed over $10k Facebook Ads on the Facebook advertising page.


Go Viral with Social Media Marketing Strategy

We build effective social media marketing strategies that will help you to surpass your business goals and elevate your online visibility. We arrange different promotional campaigns, make viral ads, focus on content creation, and design that gives you positive publicity a strong ROI.

3Rascals have years of experience and will always be available for you when you would require organic SEO and complete guidance on social media marketing. Our team has a handful of knowledge and expertise in Facebook advertising and has worked on various social media platforms.

What Makes Us Unique?

We believe in unity and maintain a strong and healthy relationship with our customers. We focus on the return of investment and deliver what you deserve. Our main motto is to engage you with your online social media community.

Our Reliable & Valuable Services

We offer a wide range of dynamic and flexible services that will cover all the major aspects of the trade. These are -


We believe that an extensive and well-planned strategy is required to get the benefits and return of investments from social media channels.


We help you to make all of your posts live at peak times so that you can engage with as many of your audience as possible


Our team is capable of handling our clients’ social media accounts and helping them to get millions of customers in seconds.

Social Listening & Audit

By social listening and performing social media audits, our professionals increase brand awareness.

Paid Social

As a professional social media marketing company, we know how to guide our clients to identify the opportunities offered by various social media channels.

Analytics & Reporting

All our expert team members perform deep research and analysis to understand the data, produce effective content strategies, and enhance website performance with positive results.

Customize Your Audience & Set a Budget for Your Social Campaigns with 3Rascals

Frequently Asked Questions

01. Is social media marketing better than traditional marketing?

Both social media marketing and traditional marketing have their own importance and both are required for the growth of your business. While traditional marketing enhances your marketing efforts, social media marketing increases your search engine rankings

02. Is it possible to generate leads through social media?

Social media platforms are mainly used for sharing information with users. Though this platform does not generate sales or leads, it creates the ways that allow you to generate leads for your business.

03. Is there any difference between social media marketing and search engine marketing?

Search engine optimization is a major part of social media marketing through which you can interact with your customers and share information about your products and services.

04. How often will you post on social media?

We offer different plans in different amounts with a different posting schedule. Different people have different goals while they post information on social media. Now it totally depends, what’s your business goal and how you want to form them.